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*Made to Order* Custom Fit

How can we make umbilicals to fit every situation and environment? One at a time. Contact us now to your umbilicals custom made to fit your needs, budget and environment.


Applications, Integrations, & Remote Management

It is impossible to list the hundreds of ways our Tek devices can employed and integrated on a single website. Click here to go to our library page. Find out How-to-tips and links to a variety of helpful documents here.


Partners for Install Integration & Remote Management

Our devices are easy to install and integrate, but if you are not in a “do-it-yourself” mood, feel free to click here for our list of device install and remote device monitoring/management partners. Already have a partner? We’ll be happy to support them.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Unknown

TEK Umbilicals allow end users to get around the physical and financial barriers that can prevent mobile and temporary assets from being connected to commercial, industrial, and residential alarm and access control systems and devices.

Our Umbilicals can be connected to any alarm or access control system or device. Employ TEK Umbilicals to expand your asset protection and monitoring from more permanent structures (buildings, command centers, towers, etc.) out to your mobile, temporary, or exposed assets. If your needs are more basic, Umbilicals can be fitted with a manual key switch or numeric keypad and employed as stand-alone asset protection and/or access control devices.

In addition to carrying data and power for security or access control devices, Umbilicals can provide power and monitoring for additional low voltage devices (such as battery chargers, LED lighting, fans, dehumidifiers, or intercom, cellular or satellite communications).

What can you Monitor and Protect with TEK Umbilicals…

  • Equipment Trailers
  • Race Trailers
  • Office Trailers
  • Semi & Storage Trailers
  • Utility and other work vehicles
  • Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs & Snowmobiles
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Worksite or Vehicle-Mounted Tool Storage
  • Monitor/protect gates of all sizes and configurations
  • Construction Materials & Equipment
  • A/C Units, Generators & Compressors
  • Military Vehicle & Equipment Storage Lots
  • Impounded Vehicles, Boats & Equipment
  • Transfer Station Vehicles & Trailers
  • Marinas, Private Airfields & Auction Yards

TEK Industries is a division of NVT Technologies, a family of companies that includes Vermont Microtechnologies, North Hartland Tool Corporation,
Carl Associates, and NHTCi.